Notice re Covid19. We are still open for business as the couriers and postal service are still operational. Subscription boxes will be shipped as normal on 7th April. All other purchases from our store will be shipped once a week.

Our Products

The Subscription Box


Subscribe to receive a new self care box every two months. Delivered straight to your door, each box features 5-6 items from small, female-led business owners. Each item is specially chosen to encourage self care. Shipping within Ireland is Free!


A 'little box of magic' to quote one of our customers!

The Calming Box 


The perfect box for anyone who struggles with anxiety. Each of the 5 products has been carefully chosen to help you reduce the anxiety and feel calmer. 


A lovely gift for any mama who might be struggling with anxiety in these very uncertain and stressful times.

The Nourish Box 


This special self care box includes a beautiful collection of nourishing and nurturing products. Including artisan skincare, cashmere socks, all-natural beeswax candles as well as delicious chocolate, these products combine to create the ultimate nourishing, self care moment. This is a 'hug in a box'.

The New Mama Box


Including some of our best loved products, this is the perfect box for a new mama to encourage her to look after herself, as well as her new bundle. 


Inside are cashmere socks, nourishing hand cream and lipbalm, a beautiful print and some delicious white chocolate and raspberry chocolate. 

The Sweet Dreams 
Mini Box


This mini gift box is the perfect self care present for any mother who needs a little help getting more sleep. 


Including our custom made Mama Moments sleep spray and super soft cashmere bedsocks. This little duo will help you unwind and drift off more 

easily to dreamland.

The Soothing Bedtime 
Mini Box


Bedtime routines aren't just for children, they can help adults wind down and slip off to sleep more quickly too. This mini box contains my absolute favourite 

pre-bedtime self care products. 


The perfect gift for anyone in need of a little bedtime self care routine.

The Calming
Mini Box


A lot of us need some extra help calming our minds at the moment. This mini box can help you quiet your mind & feel more at peace. Including our 54 ways to ease the anxious mind card deck & our custom blended Mama Moments sleep spray.


Perfect for anyone feeling a little anxious.


The Home Spa 
Mini Box


This is the perfect self care mini box for anyone who loves a little pampering. 


Including artisan, botanical-based skincare and a pair of hand-rolled, 100% pure beeswax candles. These products combine to create a blissful, all-natural, home spa self care moment.


The Nourishing Handcare
Mini Box


We are all washing our hands a lot at the moment and so many of us are suffering with dry, cracked hands as a result. This mini duo of natural skincare is perfect for showing your hands some much needed TLC.

This is the perfect mini treat for yourself or a 

fellow frequent handwashing mama!

The Pick-Me-Up
Mini Box


This mini gift box is perfect for someone who needs a little pick-me-up. 


Including a deck of the amazing Happi Cards as well as a dark chocolate treat this is the perfect duo to give the mind and body a boost when it's feeling a bit down.



The Mindfulness 
Mini Box


This is the perfect self care mini box for someone looking to calm their busy or overwhelmed mind.


Including a colouring book exclusively designed for Mama Moments as well as a pair of hand-rolled, 100% pure, beeswax candles. This duo will help you create calm, mindful moments in your day.


The Cashmere Socks


'Self care in a sock' according to one of our customers! Cashmere socks are the ultimate in soft and cosy socks. Perfect for curling up on the couch in with a cup of tea for a mini self care moment.


A lovely little gift from you to you, or for a friend in need of a little TLC

The Sleep Spray


Our sleep spray was custom created for Mama Moments and contains doTERRA lavender, cedarwood and wild orange essentials oils. 


Spray onto your linen or into the air for calm, sweet dreams.

The Candles


A pair of beautiful, hand rolled, 100% pure, beeswax candles. These candles are the natural colour of beeswax and have a light, sweet, natural fragrance. 


They burn with a beautiful soft glow making them perfect for creating a warm, nourishing environment.⁣

The eBook


Do you find the run up to Christmas and Christmas itself very stressful? You are definitely not alone. In this ebook I examine the 5 main areas which cause us stress and provide you with the advice and tools to make this Christmas your calmest, most enjoyable yet!

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What our customers say

"I’m not one for any subscription services (allergic to commitment) but this one I honestly cannot live without. I look forward to it every 8 weeks and it really does make me want to mind myself <3 <3"

Jessica O'Neill


The only thing I love more than the contents of this @mamamomentsbox, is the idea behind it <3

Noeleen Byrne


It’s honestly like a little box of magic … it’s a subscription box, a bit like a Birch Box but better because it encompasses everything about self care in motherhood. I can only compare it to a hug in a box

Emma O'Leary


Mama Moments has done more for me in 

the past few months than I could ever tell you. I'm so glad I subscribed.


Geraldine Walsh


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