How Not To Kill Your Other Half During Lockdown [online workshop]
€ 30.00

Do you feel like you are constantly at loggerheads with your other half? Are you forever having arguments and butting heads? This 1 hour workshop will show you exactly how you can bring harmony back into your relationship and make these days in lockdown much more enjoyable.

This 1 hour on demand workshop will cover:

  • The main ways you and your partner are creating conflict without realising it.
  • What you can do to get on the same page as each other.
  • How to create a rhythm to your days in lockdown that is fair to both of you.
  • How to feel like you are on the same team again.
  • How you can improve your personal situation during an open Q&A session.

Once you make your purchase you will automatically be emailed a link to the recorded workshop along with four downloadable resources.

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"I’m not one for any subscription services (allergic to commitment) but this one I honestly cannot live without. I look forward to it every 8 weeks and it really does make me want to mind myself <3 <3"

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It’s honestly like a little box of magic … it’s a subscription box, a bit like a Birch Box but better because it encompasses everything about self care in motherhood. I can only compare it to a hug in a box

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Mama Moments has done more for me in 

the past few months than I could ever tell you. I'm so glad I subscribed.


Geraldine Walsh


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