54 Ways to Ease The Anxious Mind
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We all have times when we experience a flood of anxious thoughts. Sometimes it’s due to a specific event but for some of us, those anxious thoughts can feel as though they’re always there in the background.

When our anxious thoughts won’t stop overwhelming us it can be difficult to find the brain space to think of ways we could ease them. It’s hard to remember to take deep breaths or go for a walk when we’re totally overwhelmed.

Sometimes we need a little help… and that’s where this little deck of cards can help. With 54 different ways to ease an anxious mind you are sure to always be able to find the right one for you.

Keep them in your pocket or leave them by the kettle so that they're always nearby for when anxiety hits.

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"I’m not one for any subscription services (allergic to commitment) but this one I honestly cannot live without. I look forward to it every 8 weeks and it really does make me want to mind myself <3 <3"

Jessica O'Neill


The only thing I love more than the contents of this @mamamomentsbox, is the idea behind it <3

Noeleen Byrne


It’s honestly like a little box of magic … it’s a subscription box, a bit like a Birch Box but better because it encompasses everything about self care in motherhood. I can only compare it to a hug in a box

Emma O'Leary


Mama Moments has done more for me in 

the past few months than I could ever tell you. I'm so glad I subscribed.


Geraldine Walsh


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